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All you need to be a successful caregiver for your dementia loved one through our online, self-paced training and personalized coaching. Join us today!

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We provide online classes, coaching and wellness for family and friends caring for loved ones with dementia. Our goal is to help you become EMPOWERED and EQUIPPPED so that you can be a prepared, effective and healthy caregiver. The dementia journey is challenging and we are here to help. Sign up to join our email list for tips, tools and more info on our offerings!

Benefits of The Caregiver Lab


You will be equipped with the necessary skills to better support your loved one on daily basis as well as long-term.  Everything you need will be right in front of you. You will build your tool kit as you move through the training. 

Improved Relationship

You will learn to shift your mindset and approach that will reduce caregiver frustration. You will also learn communication strategies that will improve how you interact with your loved one. 

Improved Wellness

Understanding how to navigate life with dementia is important to your overall health. We have an entire module dedicated to caregiver wellness. You will also receive  support and wellness tips through our private Facebook group. 



Self-paced training that includes communication skills, how to manage activities of daily life, long term planning and much more! 



Get tips and tricks with one on one personalized video chats. This is a great addition with The Caregiver Lab course! 



A short course for family members and friends that may be supporting a caregiver long distance or on an occasional basis. 


Are you Prepared?

Dementia related diseases are complex and to most of us, very foreign and confusing. Not being properly equipped or understanding the stages of the journey can cause tremendous stress. Having the tools and support you need at your fingertips can greatly benefit your overall wellness and your ability to be a loving and effective caregiver. 

Caregiver Checkup

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About Kim & Ryan

With 15+ years of combined professional and personal dementia caregiver experience, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience with you. We have found that it may be difficult to find all the info and tools you need to be a successful caregiver in a one-stop shop format. This is what we have created for you and our goal is to  fully equip and empower you as you move through your journey.

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Join The Caregiver Lab today for just $197 USD. We offer a 14-day money back guarantee! Give us a few minutes a day to help make your life better.

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"I have utilized coaching and The Caregiver Lab with Hello Caregiver. I learned some great techniques. My understanding of dementia and how to better interact with my dad has vastly improved! Highly recommended! "


"The Caregiver Lab far exceeded my expectations. If you have a friend, family member or loved one battling this disease, you owe it to yourself to be armed with the very best knowledge and support available. The Caregiver Lab is exactly what I needed! I am a FAR better caregiver having gone through this course. "

Nelson H.

Tools for YOU!

Join The Caregiver Lab for just $197 USD! With our comprehensive training (8 modules with 4-6 short lessons in each) you also get access to our private Facebook group for more tools and tips, and once a month LIVE Q&A sessions to answer all your questions!

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Our group is for you if you are looking for a like-minded community that can support, motivate and uplift you. We provide you with tips for your wellness. We offer a place where you can ask your questions about dementia and being a caregiver. We give you feedback and tips on challenges you may be facing. In our group, you can create friendships that can help you in your journey! It's a good place.


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